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Today's threats to business extend to the internet and beyond. Having cyber insurance is the best way to minimize the implications that cyber threats, data breaches, and potential privacy violations present. Moose Jaw cyber insurance provides your company with exceptional protection from the financial implications related to these very real, sometimes common risks.

Cyber Insurance and Risk Management

Even small business owners need to consider the importance of cyber liability insurance in today's world. If you take credit card or bank payments, gather customer information through cloud-connected platforms, handle transactions online, or store company information on a server, you are at risk. And, your customers are as well. The goal of cyber liability insurance is to provide a layer of professional liability insurance that extends further and offers more protection from these internet and media risks. Even with cyber security in place, the risks of exposing customer data is very real.

Whether you own a small, family farm or are the owner of a massive farming operation, having farm insurance is a necessity to protect yourself against potential disasters. Not only can farm and agri-insurance cover your valuable equipment, in can also protect your personal belongings, safeguard you from liability, and even insure your crops and livestock. Listed below are some of the ways Moose Jaw farm insurance can protect you and your business.

Moose Jaw Home Insurance

There’s nothing more exciting than purchasing a new home. The thought of paint colors and entertaining in your own home can be thrilling, but there’s also a large financial obligation being taken on as well. And, with that comes risk. At Moose Jaw Home Insurance, our goal is to help you keep your brand-new home safe from a variety of risks. When it comes to new home insurance Moose Jaw Insurance can help you.

Moose Jaw Travel Insurance

Are you ready to get rid of winter with a trip to Cuba, Mexico, the Caribbean or another warm-weather destination? It’s the perfect time of the year to get away, but before you do, consider updating your existing travel insurance. It could mean the difference between a successful trip and one that leaves you struggling financially to recover.

Moose Jaw Auto Insurance - Free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass

2017 is the 150th anniversary of Confederation. As Canada's gift to you, the 2017 Discovery Pass will provide free admission for the entire year to Parks Canada places from coast-to-coast to coast.

If you plan to take advantage of the free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass and plan to do a road trip, it’s a good time to review your auto insurance. Give Moose Jaw Insurance a call today (306) 694-4747 to discuss your auto insurance package.

Another flooded home! We see it all the time with our Insurance and Real Estate services, especially in vacant properties.

Today a realtor was showing a vacant home our office had listed and as soon as they opened the door they could hear water spraying. The furnace had cut out and the home froze up; pipes, toilets and fridge waterline. This causes major damage to vacant properties before they are noticed and we have some good tips to help prevent this from happening to you.

new years moose jaw insurance resolutions

With the New Year comes changes. Before the year gets underway, it’s important to take time to review your insurance needs and perhaps make a few key resolutions. New Year’s insurance resolutions should focus on shoring up your risks and keeping your family and assets protected. In Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, you can depend on our team to help you with that.

Moose Jaw Insurance Holiday Christmas Hours

Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd (Moose Jaw Insurance) has always thrived to be customer oriented and being here for our customers! That is why over the Holidays we will be open our regular hours except for:

Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

To keep your holidays happy, it's important to focus on safety, too. Our holiday home safety tips can help ensure that you and yours enjoy the season without problems: