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Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

To keep your holidays happy, it's important to focus on safety, too. Our holiday home safety tips can help ensure that you and yours enjoy the season without problems:

  1. Check out those lights before they go up. Inspect each strand for frayed cords, loose connections or cracked light holders. Replace any that show these dangerous signs of wear.
  2. Keep your cut tree watered. Christmas trees can dry out fast, increasing the chance of fire. By buying close to the holiday and keeping the tree well-watered, you can reduce its flammability.
  3. Never connect multiple extension cords. Each additional one you connect increases the chance of the plugs overheating and burning. Instead, use a single cord that is long enough to reach the outlet, but not so long that it will tangle.
  4. Hang lights safely. Place your ladder on firm and level ground. If you will be climbing to put up Christmas lights, be sure you have the right ladder for the job. Do not stand on the top rung if your ladder is not tall enough to reach.
  5. Clean up clutter. Storing combustible items like cardboard boxes and wrapping paper in the garage can increase your risk of fire. This is especially true if those holiday items are stored near propane, gasoline, paint or rags.
  6. Keep the kitchen clear during holiday meal preparation. When your Moose Jaw home is crowded with holiday guests, kitchen safety becomes more important than ever. Make sure that there are no more people than necessary in the room and that small children are kept away.

By keeping safety in mind, you can ensure that your holidays are free from accidents that might mar your memories. Keep your family safe and protected throughout the year with the insurance Moose Jaw families trust. Call today to learn more.